About The Artist

Ash-Bob is a Philadelphia based artist originally from Northern California. She works primarily in abstract forms, finding the beauty in the contradiction between simple and complex forms. Ash-Bob began art making in 2014 with an aim to connect to a global audience, a desire she acquired after spending several years working with a non-profit in Perth, Western Australia. She graduated with her BFA in 2019 from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia with her senior thesis show, Competing Feelings, having been exhibited at the museum at PAFA in May of 2019. Since graduation Ash-Bob has been represented by LAA Art Collective in Wayne, PA, where she has been involved in multiple exhibitions showcasing her work.

From The Artist

As an artist, I make paintings as a way to communicate with others through my own vulnerability. We all hold dualities and contradictions inside of us; pieces of ourselves that feel as if they should not fit within one person, yet here we are, containing them. I am a person from a rural area who is now working in a metropolitan city, someone who comes from a conservative and religious background who now holds very different views, and a person who has a love for life but is living with chronic mental illness. Theses dualities that I hold within myself are expressed in my work through the use of multiple different materials on top of very traditional painting surfaces. My work aims to tackle my own cognitive dissonance, working in honesty to communicate vulnerable pieces of myself. My hope is that when you look at my work you are brought into that vulnerability and feel the freedom and safety to share your own story alongside mine.